Achukma E.P

Andy Gallagher - Achukma EP front cover
Andy Gallagher – Achukma EP front cover
  1. I Should’ve Stayed In Bed Today
  2. Calm Before The Storm
  3. If Only I Could
  4. The Warmth Of Your Love

Andy Gallagher – Achukma E.P (2011) Was originally released as part of a split vinyl release with Boy Dirt Car on After Music Recordings. The Achukma E.P is now being re-released on Mood Vertigo Recordings.

Shortly after OVERHAUL recorded the HERE and THERE album in Milwaukee, Minneapolis based label After Music Recordings asked Andy if he would do a split vinyl release. Andy had just started a writing a handful of songs and decided to use these songs and asked Astrid Young (sister of rock legend Neil Young, YES THEE NEIL YOUNG) and punk rock legendary bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, Iggy Pop & Stooges) to play bass on the opening track I Should’ve Stayed In Bed Today.

Our musical brother, the amazing, wonderfully talented and sorely missed Mike Hoffmann mixed and mastered the Achukma E.P vinyl release.

Tracks 1 and 4 were recorded at The Hidden Studio in Millport, Scotland by Andy Gallagher and tracks 2 and 3 were recorded Cava Sound in Glasgow, Scotland by Geoff Allan.

Though Andy enjoyed writing and recording these songs, he felt that the tracks needed further development and decided to take the four songs and add to them as part of the next OVERHAUL album. This gave Andy time to write more songs and meant he could bring in Gordon Gano of Violent Femmes, Billy and Brendan Ryan of The Bogmen, Steve Summers of E.I.E.O and a few others.

Currently Kevin Hare at Deep Storm Productions in Strathhaven, Scotland is currently working on the remix of the OVERHAUL album version of Achukma.